Infrastructure protocol Intu seeks to provide complete ownership to crypto accounts

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Infrastructure platform Intu aims to enable web3 users to secure their digital asset accounts like a cryptocurrency wallet at minimal cost.

Intu users are protected by local encryption and native decentralization of their blockchain of choice. Recent reportsIntu Platform co-founder James Bourque said: crypto slate:

Accounts created with Intu have public addresses like regular accounts, are unmanaged and decentralized like regular accounts, and work with most EVM-based chains, but lost accounts Increase user confidence knowing they can independently recover and proactively protect No need to rely on third party companies, networks or tokens.

According to the co-founder, Intu accounts can have ownership spread across multiple devices or wallets, so there is no single private key that can be lost or exposed and can be changed, replaced if compromised. , or can be revoked.

As part of Intu’s web3 native encryption initiative, the platform enables end-to-end encryption without the need for additional passwords, keys, or data.

As reported, web3 projects can integrate Intu into their dApps to provide users with “no compromise” asset ownership.platform Reportedly, anyone can safely share and recover web3 accounts.

Intu claims that currently the only alternatives to traditional web3 wallets are either complex MPC solutions or smart contract wallets that are centralized and incompatible with some dApps.

Market uncertainty has crippled the crypto ecosystem, leading to a decline in VC investment last year. Nevertheless, infrastructure companies received the largest share of funding in December 2022 among all other sectors in the crypto space, around 22%.

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