Investor Who Called Crypto Bottom Predicts Multiple Coins Will Reach Trillion Dollar Valuations Next Bull Market

Veterans of the crypto space anticipate the next bull market for digital assets, predicting multiple projects to reach $1 trillion valuations.

In a new interview with Bankless, former ARK Invest executive and current partner at venture capital firm Placeholder, Chris Burniske, discusses how changes in interest rates could affect the timing of the next cryptocurrency bull market. He said that he is paying close attention to whether there is any sexuality.

He says there aren’t many possible reasons why the next cryptocurrency bull market won’t arrive like it has in the last few years.

“The biggest reason [is] where the rate goes If the risk of the prior return is 4-5% over a period of time, you are sucking too much energy out of risky assets like stocks and cryptocurrencies. To risk more than the treasury, you need to get 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, or more from something like cryptocurrencies. And that would further discount all risky assets. so that you can see what you are tightening.

There are heavyweights in traditional finance, Druckenmiller, or Oaktree’s Howard Marks. [Capital] Even if we say there will be a change of government, this will be a radically different time…”

But Berniske said traditional financial players may have gotten too comfortable with their way of thinking and may be missing out on the details of the rapidly changing cryptocurrency space.

“The way I see it, this is where you put me in the Kathy Wood camp – it’s insane when you look at the speed of change and the speed of innovation and the sheer amount of GDP growth that’s happening within crypto We are achieving a triple-digit CAGR (compound annual growth rate) each year.

Those guys, Marks, and whoever they are, they don’t pay attention to it. , if one can believe the economy is growing at a triple-digit CAGR, “well it could probably be overwhelmed in a tougher monetary environment.”

Venture capitalists say they are unsure about timelines, but the general scenario of a cryptocurrency bull market is already likely inevitable. He said he has already set price targets and expects multiple crypto assets to reach multi-trillion dollar valuations.

“I have a plan. I have price targets that make sense for me and placeholders. If I can hit those price targets in 2025, I will take action. If I hit them in 2027 it would only take me longer and I’m not in a rush. is where the head of

Repeating the past cycle, the first case would be fine. 2024 is a big year and next year is like an expansion. 2025 is a crazy year. When you start to see patterns, it’s okay, take care…”

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