Investor Who Called Crypto Bottom Predicts Next Bull Market Narratives, Says ETH Ready for Rallies

Investors who pinpointed the bottom of the current crypto bear market say there are several key stories that will set the next bull market in motion.

Chris Burniske, partner at venture capital firm Placeholder, said: To tell His 250,000 Twitter followers say they’re seeing some “hype themes” happening in the next cryptocurrency bull market.

“Obvious hype theme to the next expansion:

1) Bridging and multi-chain services
2) AI Meets Blockchain
3) App Chain and Sector Chain”

Bernisuke too Mention A data availability layer or system that stores and provides consensus regarding the availability of data on the blockchain.

Former Ark Invest analyst To clarify What he means by “the subject of hype”.

“Given how some people are reacting, we need to make it clear that a ‘hype theme’ is a theme that is going through its first major cycle in the limelight. There are some very real protocols that pursue , and many other “grifter protocols” that slipstream themes. ”

New cryptocurrencies aside, Berniski is currently bullish on Ethereum (ETH). USD terms and in it bitcoin pair (Ethereum/Bitcoin). He predicts that ETH/BTC will breakout after Ethereum’s upgrade in Shanghai, which will allow him to unhold ETH stakers.shanghai update Be expected Scheduled for release next month.

In an interview last month, Burniske said that Solana (SOL) could be the next “Ethereum-level” opportunity, and also mentioned Cosmos (ATOM).

“If there is a lot of controversy and you have to pick an ecosystem to pay attention to, and that controversy is underrated, I think it will be Solana. I tend to pick two and build my carrier strategy around that ecosystem. [market], it was ETH and Bitcoin. Because they were the only ones with enough size and liquidity to actually justify it.

And what does aircraft carrier mean? You can actually find out if In time, loan or DEX [decentralized exchanges] Or asset management, etc. And you can choose the best of the teams that speaks to you the most from a venture perspective. ”

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