Investors grab $245K Chancer tokens

  • Chancer’s presale started on June 13th and raised $245,000 in three days

  • Prediction market applications attract users interested in P2P betting and investing.

  • $CHANCER Could Be A Crypto Sensation With Triple-, Four-Digit Price Growth In 2023

Investors are rapidly accumulating the Chancer Token ($CHANCER) in a frenzy for the world’s first blockchain-based prediction market app. The pre-sale began on June 13 and raised $245,568 out of a total of $1 million. As expected, with demand still high, $CHANCER could record his one of the fastest presales.

Chancer: Unleashing the power of decentralized and P2P betting

Chancer’s strong pre-sale highlights the company’s value proposition in the betting market. At first glance, Chancer aims to offer users bets and allow them to create their own markets, set rules and odds. Users can invite their friends or anyone in the world to join their betting markets. They can also participate in markets created by others, enabling peer-to-peer betting relationships via a decentralized blockchain ecosystem.

Chancer brings flexibility and makes betting accessible to everyone. Users are not limited to what the bookmaker offers. They can create a market to bet on just about anything. It can be anything from soccer to predicting that your friend will win an upcoming math contest. Investors use $CHANCER to place bets and receive winnings.

$CHANCER is launched on a secure BSC chain, allowing real-time communication via Google’s WebRTC. This means investors can enjoy enhanced security and live streaming through WebRTC functionality.


Betting is one of the ways $CHANCER holders participate in live markets and earn money. There are also market-making rewards for users who create his Chancer market through dApps and livestream features.

Staking is another source of income for investors and involves committing tokens on the platform for the chance to earn interest. The staking feature unlocks liquidity and allows traders to easily opt in and out of positions.

Being a blockchain platform also means that Chancer is accessible from all over the world. Therefore, the Chancer team spread the word about the platform so that it can be monetized. This is enabled through the Share2Earn feature. Also, to make the platform cost-effective for users, token holders will receive discounted fees for the markets they create and participate in.

Will $CHANCER be the next token to explode?

The overwhelming bearishness of the cryptocurrency market means that investors may be looking for new projects with high potential returns. Newly launched tokens are included in this list as their price fluctuations are largely unaffected by general market mood.

$CHANCER is a token launched with a new use case in betting. Predicting this token explosion is both realistic and prudent. The forecast is based on fast-growing pre-sales, suggesting strong and growing demand.

$CHANCER could explode once the token is launched on exchanges and its leading betting platform is created. Of course, this forecast is not perfect as it depends on $CHANCER’s ability to sustain demand. An early suggestion was that it could be done. Therefore, we expect the value of the token to increase as more investors discover the platform.


The excitement around the launch of a platform that allows P2P betting and investments could drive $CHANCER a significant price increase. However, given that the token will be listed in Q3, a 2 percent price increase in 2023 should be considered realistic.

With the current pre-sale price of 0.01 BUSD, we believe the price target for 2023 is 0.1 BUSD or slightly higher. High demand for $CHANCER could drive strong moves, so it’s safe to expect a 10x increase in 2023.

Nonetheless, $CHANCER’s more sustained gains may be driven by continued use of the platform. The mainnet is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2024, with the potential for liquidity to be released through real-world use cases. In my sanity approach, I should expect a return of over 1,000% of his tokens in 2024.

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