Invincible Takes its Mighty Heroes to The Sandbox

In 2021, TV show fans will invincible Seeing a gritty and gory take on the superhero genre, Universe was a huge hit on Amazon Prime Video. sandbox Now that the show is debuting in the Metaverse, you can experience this magic for yourself.

This was confirmed by Sandbox in a statement dated January 31, 2023, revealing that this development coincides with the 20th anniversary of the original comic book series.

Invincible in the Metaverse

As stated in the official announcement, the unbeatable experience is part of a broader partnership with Skybound, the company behind the franchise, which It’s not the first collaboration between the two companies.

“Skybound and The Sandbox have a long history of working together. Invincible was featured in The Sandbox’s original 2D pixelated mobile version in 2014, and The Walking Dead franchise is the home of the popular ‘A Day in the Alexandria’ and ‘Stay Alive’ experiences were a key part of Alpha Season 3 of The Sandbox in 2022. ‘ says the announcement.

Details are currently scarce in this latest project, but users will be able to follow the series’ main character, Mark Grayson, a teenage superhero navigating a changing world.

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