Is Craig Wright’s Campaign to Convince the World That He Invented Bitcoin Over?

Australian computer scientist Craig Wright has been claiming for years to be Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of the Bitcoin pseudonym), but he is trying to convince the world that he is the creator of cryptography. It suggests that he may end his infamous campaign for

Wright tweeted late Wednesday, saying, “I’ve been angry for too long with outside validation.” The idea is to see it come to fruition and be used in the world. Not everyone wants what I have to offer…”

Since 2016, Wright has publicly claimed to have invented Bitcoin, even though he was unable to create the private key to Satoshi’s Bitcoin address.

Wright’s attorney said Decryption In 2020, the computer scientist doesn’t own Satoshi’s key, and doesn’t reveal who else had it or why. Two years later, nobody showed up.

In August, a British court ruled that Wright filed Evidence that is “deliberately false” In a defamation lawsuit, he filed against podcaster Peter McCormack, who repeatedly called Wright a “fraud” by claiming to be Satoshi.

The court ruled that McCormack’s tweets seriously damaged Wright’s reputation, but the judge ultimately found Wright £1, stating that it would be “unconscionable” for Wright to receive anything more after submitting false evidence.

Wright first came to notoriety in 2015. Wired The article claimed that a computer scientist invented Bitcoin, citing a blog post by Wright discussing cryptocurrencies days before the beta was released in 2009.However, evidence from wayback machine it soon became clear The blog post was actually written a few years later, in 2013 or 2014, and may be backdated.

Wired Backtracking, he said he now doubts Wright’s story and believes it to be a potential “hoax.”

Meanwhile, the light string of lawsuits To many cryptocurrency leaders who openly doubted his story. Most were dropped, dismissed, or ultimately failed. One of the last lawsuits was against cryptocurrency influencer Hodlonaut, which saw some resolution in October. Norwegian court decides Hodlonaut did not denigrate Wright when he called him a “pathetic crook” who was “obviously psychotic” and a “cheater”.

Wright, who tweeted on Wednesday, did not appear to abandon his claim that he invented Bitcoin, saying that anyone questioning his identity and story would[t]A hose that seeks greed”, “hates all bitcoin abbreviations and tries to twist it”.

But years of public and legal skepticism of Wright seem to be having an effect.

“I don’t care what you think anymore,” Wright wrote. “I want to see my work used. The rest no longer matters.”

If his goal really is bitcoin adoption, then Wright’s angry days should be behind him soon.

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