Jacksonville Jaguars Secure the Payments W to Provide Business Users with Virtual Cards Via Extend

Expandis a virtual card and spending management platform, NFL jacksonville jaguars Give your team of 200+ business users a way to proactively manage and control your company’s credit card spending. With Extend, Jaguars can store secure virtual cards on file with various vendors, share cards with employees who need to make purchases, and manage spending on everything from business trips and kiosks to equipment and advertising campaigns. Visualize in real time.

Jaguars chose Extend over other spend management providers for two main reasons. First, the team wanted to keep their existing bank partners and credit cards. Extend offers the only issuer-agnostic platform integrated with banking infrastructure. Paytech’s corporate customers will have immediate access to new card features and spend management capabilities without adopting a new corporate card. Second, Jaguars wanted the flexibility to quickly update the virtual card with new spending limits so that it would not have to create a new virtual card for each purchase. Extend enables this flexibility with a consumer-grade user experience and comprehensive customer service support.

“Our partnership with Extend comes at a pivotal time for Jaguar to modernize and streamline key financial processes. can now buy what they need, when they need it.” mark Sirota, Chief Financial Officer of the Jacksonville Jaguars. “Extend’s digital spend management provides our team with real-time data and insights to fully understand spend activity across our business.”

Businesses can deploy Extend in minutes without having to complete any technical integration or new bank account application process. Instead, finance leaders get a simple and powerful way to manage company credit cards and streamline spend management. With the ability to set dynamic controls and attach purchase orders and receipts, Extend customers can view spending across the organization and automate tedious processes.

“Management of corporate credit cards can be fraught with inefficiency and lack of transparency, but it doesn’t have to be,” said the CEO and co-founder of Extend. Andrew Jamison“Jaguar is aware of this and is at the forefront. Extend’s flexible platform provides better reporting and easier reconciliation while retaining banking partners they know and trust. .”

speak exclusively Fintech Times, Jamison adds: The Jacksonville Jaguars’ finance team uses Extend to transform a few physical cards into over 100 virtual cards to more efficiently manage spending for a variety of goods such as travel, concessions, merchandise, and equipment. and trackable. “

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