January at The Fintech Times: Moving Fintech Forward

Fintech is reaching a tipping point amid rumors that the industry is “losing its luster”. We’ve seen reports of declining valuations, failed sales, staff layoffs and hiring freezes as companies struggle to raise new capital. Some fintech companies closed abruptly, while others said goodbye before saying goodbye.

all month of january Fintech Times, We share industry predictions for 2023 and ideas for “moving fintech forward” in the next 12 months.

Of course, not only the fintech industry, but companies in all sectors and around the world face several macroeconomic challenges such as price volatility, supply shortages, security issues, and economic uncertainty due to the escalating civil war in Ukraine. doing.

So how do we keep track and progress over the coming months so that fintech remains one of the biggest success stories in the world?

our community is Forecast for 2023 but, “Moving Fintech Forward”.

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