Jim Cramer Creates Excitement With 2023 Crypto Prediction

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Cramer has revealed his crypto predictions for 2023, causing excitement on crypto Twitter.

CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer revealed his outlook for the cryptocurrency market in 2023 in a tweet today.

2023 will be another bearish year for the emerging asset class, critics say, voicing skepticism that people are still interested in the crypto market.

“I predict another weak year for cryptocurrencies, but I still think millions of people are involved,” Kramer tweeted.

Meanwhile, the TV personality’s comments are unsurprising given his stance on cryptocurrencies since prices plummeted last year. The Mad His Money host, known for his wavering views on investing, until recently expressed excitement about emerging markets where prices have skyrocketed. Ethereum’s Price Predicted a Massive 40% Rise Last April, But That Didn’t Happen.

As is often the case on crypto Twitter, Kramer’s latest anti-crypto statement has been met with bullish excitement, with many claiming it has hit rock bottom. He has taken the crypto world by storm and has generated a lot of interest in his counter-trading.

As noted analyst IncomeSharks (@IncomeSharks) highlights, Cramer tends to only drive investment when prices are rising, and make U-turns when prices plummet. The strategy is similar to buying high and selling low.

Mad Money Host Statement Released Despite Analysts share An indicator that Bitcoin may be undervalued. Notably, Bitcoin has yet to print a bearish candlestick for the second year in a row in its history.

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