Kevin Rose Hit by Major NFT Wallet Draining Hack

Ever since NFTs hit the public eye, an undercurrent of scammers has encouraged collectors to part with their high-value assets.None other than one of the latest victims Kevin Roseco-founder of the Proof Collective and the costume behind it Tsukidori collection. According to Kevin Rose himself, up to $1 million worth of NFTs were stolen from his asset wallet in a sneaky hack.

Theft details

Rose revealed on Twitter to his 1.6 million followers that he had lost 40 NFTs from his krovault.eth wallet. Some of the stolen assets were Chromie Squiggles and her Autoglyphs NFT.

So far, OpenSea has frozen the affected assets so they cannot be sold on exchanges, although they may be sold elsewhere. Rose has not confirmed exactly how the hackers accessed his wallet, but several theories are flying around.

For example, Twitter user @0xfoobar speculated that Rose unknowingly signed a malicious port bundle that allowed fraudsters to gain access and steal the NFT.Those interested can keep tabs kevin rose twitterwhere he promised to reveal all soon!

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