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kia america introduced its first NFT in February and dropped it on the Tezos blockchain. Since its inception, campaign revenue has helped fund 22,000 pet shelters.

Kia has set itself the worthy goal of raising funds for non-profit organizations working to alleviate overcrowding in animal shelters. This is achieved by allocating 90% of the collection’s primary sales to non-profits, with additional secondary market share.

Moreover, 8 months have passed since the project was started and the results have been obtained. By auctioning thousands of her robotic puppy-themed NFTs, Kia has raised her $100,000 for the nonprofit. Pet Finder Foundation.

Here’s a breakdown of the campaign’s top wins:

  • 10,000”recruitment path” NFTs were charged with free mints via the Tezos blockchain.
  • Then, just a week later, another 10,000 generative versions went on sale just in time for the NBA All-Star Game on February 18.
  • the digital collectible Sweet NFT Marketplace It generated $100,000 on its launch day.
  • A series of other rare NFTs also contributed to the six-figure fundraiser.

Russell Wager, Kia America’s vice president of marketing, said of the importance of The Petfinder Foundation, especially as the pandemic eases the stay-at-home environment it initially brought.Many of us are aware that pet adoptions are on the rise as a result of the pandemic.Tens of thousands of animals have found forever homes, but as people go back to work, more and more pets are being handed over to shelters, ending the story as happily as Robodog did in his Super Bowl spot. There are many pets that deserve to be sold”.

The Kia NFT Collection Project represents big brands stepping into the Web3 space to benefit charity. A shining example of the NFT industry’s room for both commercial and non-commercial projects.

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