Kucoin CEO addresses rumours surrounding FTX, FTT exposure

Kucoin CEO Johnny Lyu explained in a number of tweets today that Kucoin has been transparent to its users since day one of building a hybrid centralized/decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Lyu’s series of tweets follows his previous denial of “exposure on FTX or FTT,” as Cobie, host of crypto podcast UpOnly, speculated.

Kucoin Major Holding Disclosure

In one of his tweets, Lyu revealed Kucoin hot and cold wallet addresses and money. Total holdings include:

  • BTC (20,504 BTC)
  • Ethereum (180,299 Ethereum)
  • USDT (1,075,909,241 USDT)
  • USDC (365,722,839 USDC)
  • KCS (69,601,075 KCS)

Lyu goes on to describe Kucoin as follows: One Altcoin exchange that also offers “over 700 tradable cryptocurrencies”. He said the wallet details (above) are his five major coins that were unveiled today, and that the reveal marks the first step for Kucoin to build public trust. I’m explaining.

Additionally, Lyu explains that a total of 29,696 ETH are currently staked as Ethereum Proof-of-Stake (PoS) nodes, with “each node address has 32 ETH.”

“There are too many node addresses to publish individually on the blog.”

Kucoin is not the first exchange to be asked to disclose proof of its reserves following FTX exposure rumors. Spoken in response to Cobie who addressed.

At the time of writing, the price of Kucoin Token (KCS) is $7.83, down 6.56% over the last 24 hours.

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