Lanistar Bolsters Brazilian Market Position With Google Pay Operability

Lannisters Deepening our foothold in the Brazilian payments market Google Pay Certification.

Fifteen months after first entering the market, UK-based virtual payment card provider Lanistar has established itself within the Brazilian payments market with its newfound Google Pay usability. increase.

Perhaps best known for its polymorphic payment accounts and unavoidable influencer-driven marketing campaigns, Lanistar is the fastest growing of the service with the latest approval of Google’s own secure payments. It is solidifying its position within the virtual payments space in Brazil, one of the fastest growing markets. platform.

Google Pay is a mobile payment service developed by the technology giant to power in-app, online and in-person contactless purchases on mobile devices, allowing consumers to pay with their Android smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. You can do.

Earning Google’s credit marks an important milestone for any fintech startup and marks an exciting next step in Lanistar’s journey into the complex and fragmented payments market in Latin America (LatAm). form.

A big milestone for the Lannisters

touted asrevolutionary forceIn the Brazilian payments market, Lanistar, like its competitors, aims to make the daily payment process as seamless and accessible as possible. A bold proposal for a market as fragmented as Brazil.

The company first entered the market in November 2021 and eventually went public in Brazil in mid-2022.

While the Lanistar mobile app aims to consolidate financial management into a single interface, both virtual and physical card products offer similar initiatives by stacking multiple payment cards onto one individual card. follow.

The app also integrates with regional payment solutions PIX and Boleto, giving customers in Brazil a wide range of features without the need for a separate physical payment card.

Jeremy Beaver, CEO, Lannister

“This is an important milestone for Lanistar and its customers, many of whom appreciate the convenience of using Google Pay for their everyday purchases,” said the company’s CEO. Jeremy Babel.

“With this… contactless transactions are now fully available to Lanistar users. Brazilallows you to get the most out of our services with minimal stress. This aligns perfectly with his Lanistar goals and priorities for its users. ”

Encouraging the use of virtual cards instead of physical cards is an ambitious strategy, but one that Lannister is determined to succeed in, especially in pushing new green technologies into the broader financial market.

Payment accessibility

“While we are still a new and growing platform, the Google Pay integration will transform our customer base and take us to the next level in terms of functionality,” adds Baber. “We care about usability and this is proof of that.”

“With an established customer base Brazil, the immediate rollout of Google Pay in the market was a logical choice. Plans for 2023 include expanding the company to other regions of his LATAM as well as united states of america, Canada and Europe‘ concludes Baber.

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