Low volume killed 66% of coins in last 10 years

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Recent study The most common reason for the decline of cryptocurrencies is lack of trading volume, with a share of 66%, and the second and third most common reason for failure is fraud, being a host of failed ICOs. is showing.

The study looks at obsolete coins issued after 2013 to determine their lifespan. The data pool contains 2,383 currently unused coins. Over the past decade, a total of 1,584 coins died due to abandonment or reduced trading volume, representing 66.4% of the total. Another 528 (22.1%) turned out to be fraudulent, and 238 (9.9%) failed after hosting a failed ICO.

Most Coins Issued in 2017, 2014 and 2018

According to data, 704 now-dead coins were launched in 2017. Of all the projects launched that year, 210 failed due to fraud, 9 failed without purpose, 155 disappeared after his failed ICO, and 330 were abandoned or abandoned. . Couldn’t maintain enough volume.

2014 is now the second closest year in terms of dead coin launches after 2017. A total of 607 coins were issued in 2014, of which 42 were scams, 5 were “jokes” and 9 died in his ICO failure. The remaining 551, representing his 91% of the coins issued in 2014, were either abandoned or died due to lack of sufficient volume.

Having a total of 409 currently unused coins places 2018 at number three on the list. About 50% (206) of these coins have disappeared due to abandonment or small amounts. Another 143 were found to be fraudulent, 54 failed after his ICO failure, and 6 were classified as “jokes”.

Abandoned or low volume fading

The number one reason for coin failure, abandonment, or lack of substantial trading volume seems to be getting less problematic with each passing year.

The chart below calculates the percentage of coins launched each year since 2013 that died due to low trading volume or being abandoned.

Percentage of coins dead due to abandonment or small amount
Percentage of coins dead due to abandonment or small amount

Coins issued in 2014 peaked, with about 70% of them disappearing due to abandonment or low volume. However, since 2014, the percentage has been steadily declining. This figure shows that only 16 coins were killed between 2020 and 2022 due to low trading volume or being abandoned.

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