Mastercard Eases Online Payments for Businesses and Consumers in Saudi Arabia

master Card has launched a new payment flow that powers its online payment solutions through Mastercard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS) technology. This offering will initially be available to local ecommerce merchants with support from: Amazon payment service and

Mastercard’s payment gateway technology helps ensure Saudi Arabian merchants comply with the Kingdom’s requirement to route all domestic transactions through the country’s payment network. not yet.

The network includes new transaction types to unlock membership payments, subscriptions, automatic bill payments, and various other website flows that require recurring payments. Payers don’t have to be on your website or app.

As Mastercard aims to provide consumers with a faster checkout experience, the new payment flow will result in higher approval rates, higher consumer satisfaction and ultimately greater convenience. .

For merchants, the launch aims to reduce avoidable payment rejections in order to maximize revenue. Merchants can also reduce the risk of fraud by protecting consumer credentials from potential compromise.

The new solution allows merchants to not yet Card credentials for use in later transactions.Merchants can also make recurring payments and share order IDs not yet for better settlement.

Saudi Arabia ‘makes payments safe, simple and smart’
Maria Medvedeva, Country Business Manager, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Mastercard

Maria Medvedeva, Mastercard’s Saudi Arabia and Bahrain Country Business Managers discussed the launch. Medvedeva said:

“With the launch of these new payment flows, we will make payments safe, simple and smart for people and businesses in Saudi Arabia to connect and power an inclusive digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere. I am aiming for.”

peter george, Managing Director, Amazon Payments Services in the Middle East and North Africa, also commented: innovative solutions.

“We are proud to leverage Mastercard’s technology and work with Saudi Payments to facilitate online payments for businesses across Saudi Arabia and continue to play a key role in driving further economic growth in the Kingdom. The launch of the new payment flow will enable us to diversify our payment options and provide greater flexibility and peace of mind, empowering our merchants and ultimately delighting our customers.”

Remo Giovanni’s VP of MENA said: not yet One of the most innovative and fastest growing payment systems in the region.

“ was one of the first payment technology service providers to do so. not yet We entered the e-commerce market in 2018 and are proud to continue supporting this partnership. These solutions help merchants and consumers extract more value from their transactions. ”

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