Medieval Empires partners with Polygon

Medieval Empires and Polygon Studios, an ecosystem builder owned and operated by Polygon, have entered into a strategic partnership.

Part of that includes building a medieval empire on the Polygon blockchain to allow players to enjoy a unique and exhilarating Web3 gaming experience. press release.

cutting-edge gaming experience

Medieval Empires is a multiplayer game set in the 13th century Ottoman Empire (now Turkey). In online role-playing games, players build cities while fighting, trading, and forging alliances.

The Kay leader Ertuğrul Ghazi is played by internationally acclaimed actor Engin Altan Dujatin. The game’s mission is to provide a cutting-edge gaming experience for fans of actors and historical figures, as well as blockchain and traditional gamers.

The greenest blockchain

Medieval Empires has chosen Polygon as the industry’s greenest blockchain, keeping its promise to deliver a gaming journey like no other. Polygon Studios is the ideal strategic partner to bring that vision to life.

Polygon also offers the benefits of great player reach, low gas prices, speed, security, and a great developer ecosystem.

Asad Dar, co-founder of Medieval Empire, said:

We are excited to partner with Polygon and look forward to creating blockchain games on the best decentralized platform. Our team believes in the benefits of this partnership, from the value of a closely aligned company to the quality of user experience.

Medieval raises $2.1 million in seed round

Medieval Empires recently announced that it has raised $2.1 million in a seed funding round. This milestone lays the foundation for Medieval Empires to be at the forefront of mainstream blockchain gaming adoption.

universal access

Assad noted that the successful completion of the funding round has cemented investor confidence in the team and the game, which will soon be available worldwide.

Players can be accessed on mobile (iOS and Android), PC (Windows), and MAC (OSX), making all platforms fully interoperable.

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