Meet the Metaverse creators: Neyha from Wilderness

Today I am speaking with the co-founder and CEO of Neyha Wilderness P2Ebased on a fantasy-themed MMORPG DecentralandShe has been the project lead for Wilderness P2E since December 2021, building this game ecosystem with wizard-themed NFT rewards and engaging multiplayer gameplay mechanics. She is a software her engineer and has a keen interest in art and design. Neyha admits that living in the Metaverse and exploring this game while building it has helped her broaden her horizons for self-discovery and growth.

Tell us about your IRL life when you’re not in the Metaverse.

I live in a hill station called Mussoorie. It’s like an IRL wilderness hidden somewhere in the mountains of northern India. I live alone with my computer, tons of Himalayan tea bags and wine. A typical day for me starts with a scintillating cup of hot tea before logging in and meeting my friends in the Metaverse, while my Decentraland avatar enjoys the WIldy wine served as party favors at Wild Nights. ends up enjoying his IRL. Wilderness P2E.

Living in a scenic hill with nothing going on, I enjoy the peace and quiet and the beauty of nature, but the Metaverse has become a somewhat dazzling contrast to my IRL world. increase. I also love music and musical instruments. I used to be a bassist, but I want to get more into making music NFTs and using them as backgrounds for gameplay.

Tell us about your background and how you got to Decentraland.

Prior to Decentraland, he worked as a software engineer in the banking and fintech industries. I was an architectural analyst for a digital banking application. There was a boom in web3 and cryptography in my industry, and I was exposed to many conferences and research papers by my peers. I was fascinated by the scalability and applications in this industry and wanted to start my own exploration here.Decentraland was the first platform I tried, both for its amazing SDK and visual experience as a new user. I was mesmerized by its beauty.

How did you and the other founders come up with the idea for Wilderness?

When I first set foot in Decentraland, I wanted to build an art gallery that wasn’t just for exploration, but had technology utility for visitors. I reunited with one of my college senior girlfriends. He is exploring cryptocurrencies, himself involved in his FINTECH and wanted to start an NFT wearable business.

We’ve expanded our fascination with art and used our software development skills to create tech-first gameplay mechanics combined with art-inspired NFT rewards that double as Decentraland Wearables that users earn as they play. We realized we could leverage our software development skills by creating a game ecosystem to serve.

Introducing the Metaverse Creator: Naiha of the Wilderness

When did you join Decentraland? What was your first impression?

I joined Decentraland in September 2021. My first reaction was, “This is so avant-garde! It was a very diverse environment full of

What role does digital fashion play in the Wilderness Games?

Wilderness started with the idea of ​​making it a very Art Deco place that offers a gaming portal to its users. As such, we focused primarily on vintage-style wizard-themed wearables such as robes and crowns. It was only after operating and setting up the game structure that I had the opportunity to revisit wilderness fashion. Since then, we’ve focused on its avant-garde side and reinvented the digital fashion of gaming.

Cyberpunk wizards, wild party outfits and pet-themed wizard capes are some of the few designs in the Wilderness Bazaar catalog. While the gameplay mechanics and stability of his P2E game economic environment are foundational, digital fashion remains at the heart of the frenzy because it shows us who we are. Our wild wearables represent our gaming ecosystem and artistic temperament.

How do you see the future of digital wearables?

We can be who we want to be in the Metaverse, and digital fashion is the gateway to that. Digital wearables are the gateway to our identity in the virtual world, and the future looks bright.

The future of digital fashion is expanding and the possibilities are endless. IRL fashion itself holds the opportunity to expand its ideas based on diverse cultures, fashion styles and categories. Digital fashion gives us the opportunity to transcend all mundane boundaries and obstacles and embrace a comprehensive catalog of fashion. Recently there was his IRL fashion show with pixel art on his models. Digital fashion art is so interesting that rather than actual fashion being copied in the digital world, it’s actually the opposite, given its breadth and diversity. As smart wearables emerge, Decentraland’s future of digital fashion will only offer more areas for experimentation, and linked wearables will give more room for interoperability opportunities.

What is your biggest challenge as a creator?

Given my engineering background, I sometimes find my thinking abilities too mechanical when it comes to Wilderness P2E’s fashion and design ideas. My head is algorithmic and I want a free flow of ideas to make more interesting artwork with Wilderness P2E. This is usually solved by working with Decentraland’s talented designers and artists such as Michi Todd, Refraction and Yannakis. I look forward to learning more and more from my talented peers.

What is the future of gaming?

Gaming has always been a huge industry with a huge market share and is expected to continue to rise. From a qualitative side of the industry, I think we’re moving into an era of more immersive gameplay experiences. Gaming has been centralized for quite some time. Web3 Gaming is creating a community of gamers who are able to derive economic value from the time they spend gaming. This is a whole new industry to dive in and explore.

Meet the Wilderness Metaverse Creator Neyha

How would you describe the concept of P2E and what is the biggest misconception people have about it?

The P2E concept provides users with an enjoyable gameplay experience while enabling and encouraging them to earn money within the platform. To me, the current misconception is the idea of ​​viewing P2E gameplay experiences as mere transactions when they are much more profound than farming coins. P2E games are built on communities that grow together in both social and economic value. The experience of meeting and meeting other gamers who make money together in the Metaverse while living within engaging gameplay mechanics is a fascinating aspect that is often overlooked.

How do you see the future of the wilderness five years from now? Where is it?

Wilderness has always been very tech oriented. ALL GAMEPLAY He’s in the process of getting the mechanics operational and building out more community-engaging aspects. We are also expanding our fashion catalog, sticking to new digital fashion ideas, and aiming to collaborate with more fashion ventures.

In the future, we want Wilderness to be an AI-powered, immersive metaverse experience that adds social and economic value to our users. Users can enter this universe, play games, earn cryptocurrency, and interact with other Wild community members. We try to make the wilderness more immersive with each sprint we go through. Added an immersive bazaar where players can try out wearable NFTs they are considering purchasing. Added his AI-enabled NPC – Bob can talk about life and games in general (although Bob is kind of grumpy).

Overall, how is the Metaverse shaping your life now?

The Metaverse has given me some of the most influential people in my life. I have grown as a person during this year. I explored new, never-before-seen dimensions of my interests and abilities. It was a journey of self-exploration and discovery.

From the moment I wake up, I look forward to spawning in Decentraland and meeting my friends. Beauty is in emotion. We come from far away places on Earth, but in the Metaverse we are very close. Thanks to the Metaverse, I’ve found and loved people I’ve never met in real life.

The metaverse has no boundaries, making social barriers expendable. It’s on the foundation of collective growth, and it’s what I protect. The love and acceptance exuded by the Metaverse is blissful, the freedom of identity fascinates me, and I look forward to seeing how far I can take the concept of life in the Metaverse.

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