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sticky Currently one of the most active members of Decentraland. He and his Michi Todd’s Twitter space No Pants Friday allows creators to meet and discuss recent challenges and upcoming news.

A lot has changed since then sticky joined the space. He and his wife recently launched his NFT project Still More Monsters, which provides wearables and emotes for Decentraland users.And yes, he’s the man known for his iconic bath water Wearable.

When did you join Decentraland?

I started Decentraland in December 2021. When I found out that I could make money playing Ice Poker at Decentral Games, I wanted to give it a try. I jumped straight into their amazing community. Since then, never looked back.

It wasn’t long before I realized there was a whole world outside the ice poker arena. I had an ambitious goal of becoming the first man to sell bathing water in the metaverse! It was a chance to learn about wearables and ignite my passion today, building wearables, animating I learned how to create, design and create.

How did No Pants Friday come about?

No Pants Friday was a Twitter space run by Michi Todd months before I co-hosted it. It’s become a safe place for the creators of the Decentrland community to ask questions, get important information, and have fun.

You and Michi Todd’s Twitter space is home to some of the most influential Decenraland creators. What are some of the highlights you learned from them?

This is actually a really hard question for me because I feel like everyone brings something very unique to the table. Even if it doesn’t work right now, keep doing it and perfect your technique. People will notice!

How did your project Still More Monsters come about? What is the idea behind it?

Actually, before the Still More Monsters Collection, I had created a pirate-themed NFT collection. But dropping 10,000 collections didn’t feel like building a community.

Then my wife jk47eth and I came up with the idea to create an adult Monsters, Inc. feel. Instead of releasing a huge collection, we can grow the community by releasing a few NFTs in the collection each generation.

Each generation will be more expensive than the previous one, so getting it early will help in the long run.

Combines traditional NFTs with Decentraland’s NFTs. All owners will get the Decentraland wearable and emote bundle. Do you think this is a permanent practical thing?

Yes! It will certainly be of lasting utility along with acquiring land in major metaverses. It will also create an event/venue space that all holders can sign up for and use at their will. Personally, I love working with artists of all kinds to add value to the community and advocate for other great artists in the field.

How do you envision life in Decentraland five years from now?

I want to see Decentraland in VR. I think VR will really help the whole digital fashion industry soar.

What is your biggest challenge as a creator?

For me, I’m just building this for myself, knowing that there’s no one behind me and having the courage to take the first leap. And if others liked it – great! I knew I wouldn’t make a ton of money, but if I kept at it, maybe one day someone would find out.

Do you have any advice for someone considering Decentraland?

Say yes to all the opportunities that come your way. You never know what doors will open for you.

what are your future plans? Maybe there’s something exciting you’re working on?

We are currently working on Monster Headquarters in Decentraland built by Michi Todd. We chose his Michi because he is a web3 nomad and he has experienced great architecture across Asia and is able to bring it to the metaverse.

A surprise collaboration is coming soon. This is a Mythic wearable and an airdrop for its owner. Because we know that not everyone can get a Mythic (1 in 10 piece) wearable!

What are your top 3 things to do in Decentraland right now?

  1. decentralized game
  2. Community events to hang out with friends
  3. Exploration (You never know what you’ll find there!)

Clammy Whammy

Overall, what does the future hold for wearables? Will there be synergies with other virtual worlds?

For me, the future of wearables is based on digital fashion and expression. The big names from there have been here since the beginning.

When it comes to synergy and interoperability, we enable wearables to move seamlessly across the metaverse. That’s how I see the metaverse. I can’t wait to see who can solve that complicated puzzle!

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