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Metacade presales are selling out fast, with Stage 3 ending after just 12 days.of Pre-sale The previous round of Play-to-Earn (P2E) Metaverse Arcade sold out in less than four weeks, raising $2.7 million, but sold out at lightning speed, marking the third time the project raised over $5 million. Compared to the stage, this is smaller. in just a few days.

Metacade is set to blend the worlds of gaming and cryptocurrencies in a seamless and exciting way to deliver the ultimate blockchain gaming experience. Development of the P2E arcade is progressing well and the platform design has already been shared with the arcade’s growing Metacade community. twitter page.

With 157.5 million tokens available in Stage 4, investors can purchase the tokens before the next pre-sale round, increasing the token price to $0.016.

Russell Bennett, Head of Product at Metacade, said: “Investor confidence in the project is high and demand for the token continues to grow. We know the Metacade project has a solid foundation, a strong team and the ability to make waves in the GameFi industry. It’s clear that cryptocurrency and GameFi investors are also eyeing this.”

There is already an incredible amount of momentum behind the Metacade project and it won’t be long before the pre-sale tokens sell out and MCADE is released on exchanges. Tokens will be listed on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, offering the public various ways to purchase the tokens.

MCADE is listed bitmartis the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange ranked 21st in the CoinMarketCap exchange rankings, followed by a top 10 exchanges list coming soon. Among DeFI exchanges, investors can find his MCADE on his Uniswap, as well as other well-known and trusted token exchanges.

With a play-and-earn arcade built on the Ethereum blockchain, Metacade is poised to become the go-to place for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike. The platform boasts innovative and essential features that set it apart from other blockchain gaming platforms, such as leaderboards, trending games, and GameFi alpha.

Play-to-earn is at the heart of the platform, but gaming isn’t the only bow for Metacade. The platform has gone further to support the gaming community by launching job boards and the Metagrants initiative to attract the best game developers to build games on the platform. It will be the place to earn, learn and connect like never before.

Metacade utilizes the MCADE token, which is integral to all transactions on the platform. MCADE is used to reward players for their efforts across the platform, including participating in games and tournaments, sharing game alpha, and writing GameFi reviews. MCADE holders can also increase their income by staking their tokens to support the network of arcades.

The P2E GameFi platform has received the final seal of approval from prestigious blockchain audit firm Certik. Metacade joins Polygon, ApeCoin and BNB Chain as trusted players in the crypto world. Certik’s state-of-the-art technology thoroughly analyzed and evaluated all aspects of the Metacade specification and code. We also performed a full KYC on the Metacade team to confirm their authenticity and further increase the transparency of the project.of Full audit results Available on the Certik website.

Metacade is the premier destination for gaming in the Metaverse. As the first community on Web3 where gamers can hang out, share gaming knowledge and play his P2E games dedicated to his arcade. The platform offers users multiple ways to generate income, build a career on Web3, and connect with the wider gaming community.

Metacade will be a one-stop destination for users to play, earn and network with other avid gamers around the world. Once the project reaches the end of its roadmap, Metacade will be handed over to the community as a full fledged DAO. Ultimately, Metacade wants its users to help shape his GameFi world of tomorrow.

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