Metacade Smashes Past $1 Million In Three Weeks

The GameFi market continues to be popular with crypto investors and MCADE is the native token. Metacadeis taking the lead. In his 3 weeks of beta presale, the MCADE token has already broken the $1 million barrier, making him one of the hottest new blockchain tokens on the market.

Metacade is rapidly gaining momentum as gamers and investors recognize its potential to become a leader in the Web 3.0 gaming space. As a result, both are moving early to support projects to maximize their profit potential.

Nearly 90% of the MCADE tokens available in the beta presale have been purchased at the introductory price of $0.008, with a small amount still available to intelligent investors. Once the beta presale is complete, MCADE tokens will continue to be available for purchase at a price increase of $0.10.

While this is still an excellent value, beta presale tokens are priced 25% cheaper, promising even better returns for smart investors.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the first P2E (play-to-earn) virtual arcade that leverages the vast potential of Web 3.0 technologies to build the best gaming space in the Metaverse.

Players will be rewarded with MCADE tokens as they operate the platform. Players not only earn while playing through tournament success and leaderboard success, but also share their game knowledge, write game reviews, and provide feedback to developers through the platform’s backtesting features. You can earn rewards by doing

What makes Metacade unique?

GameFi-based apps are nothing new. Some gaming apps are powered by blockchain, but offer gamers fewer options and revenue opportunities than Metacade.

Metacade’s biggest selling point is the range of games available on the platform. There are many virtual game apps out there, and you can choose from a single title or a minimal range, but Metacade plans to host the most comprehensive library of titles for any Metaverse game app.

Moreover, Metacade is not just a platform for gamers to hang out. Instead, the focus is on developing new titles unique to Metacade. In fact, the platform supports the journey of game developers by offering them the opportunity to apply for funding through Metagrants to bring their plans to life.

The platform’s greatest strength is that Metacade puts the power in the user’s hands by giving them complete autonomy over the direction of the platform. For example, you can stake MCADE tokens to vote on which games get cut and go into development after evaluating applications from developers.

Gamers can approve the games they want to see within the community and avoid seeing a library full of titles they don’t care about or don’t want to play. In fact, the whole ethos of Metacade is to give the power back to the gamer. Metacade removes the barriers that currently exist between gamers and development studios.

The Metacade platform will iterate several times, each time bringing new capabilities. For example, there are plans for his career hub that connects the best newcomers in metaverse game development with his exciting Web3 company.

The ultimate goal is to build a completely self-sufficient community where the flow of MCADE tokens from investors and advertisers flows into developer, metagrant and player wallets through rewards. By this stage, Metacade has moved on to his DAO, with plans for community members to build the best platform possible for gamers of all experience levels.

Why invest in MCADE

Blockchain gaming is a rapidly evolving industry, growing by over 2,000% since January 2021. Moreover, experts predict that this growth will continue over the next decade.

Metacade’s products are positioned as pioneers in the Metaverse gaming revolution, so the beta presale is a smart investment. Additionally, with the MCADE token price at rock-bottom levels, there is plenty of room for significant and quick returns on your investment.

But what makes Metacade such a compelling investment opportunity is a diverse and multi-layered roadmap leading to an ever-evolving environment. Unlike many crypto platforms that are limited by offering single use, Metacade has a unique lifespan that allows us to continue growing the platform in the future.

here are some details How to purchase MCADE.

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