MetaMask Digital Asset Purchasing Simplified With New Integration

mercurycrypto payment companies, and Consensisthe web3 company announced the integration within. meta maskThis will allow MetaMask users to bypass mainstream exchanges and buy crypto tokens with bank cards. apple Put payments, and various bank transfer methods directly into your wallet. This integration aims to simplify the purchase of digital assets with instant checkout and easy user onboarding.

Primarily inspired by users with little crypto experience, the partnership will also benefit those looking for a quick and easy way to replenish their portfolios. Tokens and coins will be available for purchase in 20 different fiat currencies.

Petr KozhakovMercuryo CEO commented: Instead of opening yet another new account on his one of the exchanges, users can manage their digital assets on a single platform. We always put our customers and their convenience first when enhancing our business services with our products. ”

Buying crypto tokens often takes time and requires verification of identity and clearing of bank details. Mercuryo’s product streamlines this process by allowing MetaMask users to purchase up to €699 in cryptocurrency in 5 easy steps without requiring full identity verification.

To purchase virtual currency through MetaMask, a user logs into the app and[購入]to select a payment method. Then you have to enter the desired amount and token, check the quote and choose one from Mercuryo. Transactions are completed by following a link to Mercuryo’s website.

Democratizing the decentralized web

Since its launch in 2016, MetaMask has been on a mission to democratize access to the decentralized web and ensure easy access to cryptocurrencies by providing on-ramp capabilities to established payment providers that vary by region. I came. The MetaMask and Mercuryo pushes are the latest in a series of integrations aimed at improving and diversifying payment options for users.

“Integration with us mercury It helps streamline the onboarding and digital asset acquisition process, including the option to buy up to €699 of cryptocurrency without complicated identity checks. ” Lorenzo Santos, Product Manager at MetaMask. “This allows users to seamlessly explore the Web3 ecosystem, including NFT marketplaces, play-to-earn games, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, the Metaverse world, and more.”

  • euro – euro
  • USD – USD
  • GBP – British Pound
  • TRY – Turkish Lira
  • Japanese Yen – Japanese Yen
  • BRL – Brazilian Real
  • NGN – Nigerian Naira
  • VND – Vietnamese Dong
  • MXN – Mexican Peso
  • KRW – South Korean Won
  • PLN – Polish Zloty
  • SEK – Swedish Krona
  • CHF – Swiss Franc
  • CAD – Canadian dollar
  • CZK – Czech Koruna
  • DKK – Danish Krone
  • BGN – Bulgarian Lev
  • HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
  • AUD – Australian dollar
Supported cryptocurrencies
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT ERC-20)
  • Tether (USDT ERC-20)
  • OKB (OKB) (ERC-20)
  • Die (DAI). (ERC-20)
  • Ton coin (TON)
  • Binance Coin (BNB BEP20)
  • Binance US Dollar (BUSD BEP20)
  • 1inch token (1inch BEP20)
  • Avalanche (AVAX C Chain Network)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • USDC (USDC TRC-20)
  • Phantom (FTM)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Decentraland (MANA ERC-20)
  • Sandbox (SAND ERC-20)
  • Curve DAO Token (CRV ERC-20)
  • DYDX (DYDX ERC-20)
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