Midas merges digital asset management with investment strategies

Midas.Investments, a custodial CeDeFi service provider, today announced three new investment strategies: ‘Soft Long’, ‘Soft Short’ and ‘DeFi Token Farming’.

Midas combines different approaches to digital asset management to enable investors to consistently earn profits regardless of market conditions.

CeDeFi: Unlocking the Potential of Crypto Investing

Simply put, CeDeFi acts as a gateway between centralized and decentralized finance, combining the reliability of the former with the high profitability of the latter.

With mandatory audits that all products and services go through, CeDeFi solutions set a high standard of security and transparency, reducing the possibility of fraud.

Lowering the entry threshold for cryptocurrencies

As a CeDeFi pioneer, Midas.Investments lowers the high entry threshold for cryptocurrencies, allowing investors to explore vetted trading opportunities while enjoying CeDeFi’s low fees, helping to reduce DeFi’s steep learning curve. aims to overcome

Platform users can access a wide range of crypto assets, swap capabilities and investment strategies to build robust portfolios that generate income.

Tailored for different market conditions

You should choose your strategy according to market conditions. “Soft longs” can be used to diversify a portfolio during a volatile bear market. Generate yield through Ether and USD liquidity pools.

When borrowed USDC is converted to ETH, the price of Ether increases. This strategy will allow us to maintain our exposure towards the beginning of a potential crypto market rally.

act of balancing

A “soft short” is the opposite, borrowing Ether to generate yield by driving the price of Ether down and exchanging half of the position for USDC. You can combine this strategy with the previous strategy to balance short, long, or neutral market positions.

Finally, “DeFi Token Farming” combines the liquidity pools of numerous DeFi tokens from Curve and Convex Finance with the highest yields. A major yield and price increase is generated by agriculture, with underlying asset growth.

Midas recalibrates these pools based on rewards, price impact, available liquidity, and other dynamic metrics.

Future Plans

All of the above strategies can be combined with Midas.Investments’ other products to increase portfolio yields while reducing risk posed by market volatility.

Investors can track the full allocation and health of their positions through on-chain monitoring tools for full transparency of strategy performance.

Midas plans to roll out more strategies in the coming months to achieve greater flexibility and further expand its investor toolkit, according to platform CEO and founder Iakov Levin. .

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