Mint free OKX Football Cup NFTs as group stage games enter second round

FIFA World Cup group stage matches enter second round

FIFA World Cup Qatar enters the second round of the group stage. The first round saw some big upsets, with Saudi Arabia beating Argentina and Germany also losing to Japan.

With the second round of matches starting today, the chances of the host nation advancing to the knockout rounds are slim to none.

As the World Cup continues, you have the opportunity to create your OKX Football NFT for free. A week ago, cryptocurrency exchange OKX Start of the NFT Football Cup.

The OKX Football Cup is part of the cryptocurrency exchange’s OKX Football Festival, offering millions of fans around the world the chance to win from an amazing prize pool.

The contest allows users to create a free NFT of their favorite team and use the NFT to predict matches for the chance to win huge prizes.

NFT mining will end after the group stage ends

Free NFT issuance begins on November 21st and ends on December 3rd. All users can participate in mining as long as the group stage continues. For each mint, the user must stake his 0.01 ETH. Users will have the opportunity to create up to 3 teams before the group stage ends. A shocking result in the first round of the game. See previous tables and join the OKX Football Cup.

The fixed prize pool for each match is 20,000 USDT. OKX revealed that every NFT issued adds 10 USDT, expanding the prize pool.

As an NFT owner, you can earn a share of $20,000 in USDT if your team wins a match.However, if the teams tie, each team shares $10,000 in his USDT

Participants can also redeem their wager in full at the conclusion of the OKX Football Cup.

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