Moutai Launches New NFT Initiative

MoutaiOne of China’s largest companies has launched a new initiative linking NFTs to liquor bottles. This is according to the announcement made on February 4th. Owners of these unique digital collectibles have the right to purchase limited-edition bottles of liquor in the real world.

In total, there are 113,960 “Lichun-themed” NFTs, each associated with a physical bottle. According to the traditional Chinese calendar, Lichun is his 1st of 24 solar terms. It begins when the sun reaches 315° longitude and ends when it reaches 330° longitude.

Moutai issues NFT for each solar term

Going forward, Moutai plans to issue NFT-backed liquor bottles in each solar term. To participate, the Collector must complete various in-game tasks in the Xunfeng Digital World. Xunfeng Digital World is a mobile app that contains a digital replica of Moutai’s winery, allowing users to earn her NFTs. Alternatively, you can earn NFTs by using in-game tokens to trade with other players.

A player-to-player transaction on the mobile app costs about RMB 1,600, or $235. That said, a 500ml bottle of NFT Link will set collectors back around 2,899 yuan, or $427, and a 100ml bottle will set you back 569 yuan. The total value of the bottle is 139 million yuan, equivalent to about $20 million.

The mobile app was launched by Moutai and NetEase on January 1st and has amassed over 2.4 million users by the end of last month.

Luxury liquor brands using NFTs to tokenize physical bottles are on the rise.Over the past few months, several top brands in the liquor market have introduced NFTs tied to bottles. block barThe platform offers NFTs associated with premium liquor brands such as Hennessy, Glenfiddich and Johnnie Walker. An NFT owner can trade NFTs for physical bottles or sell his NFTs on the secondary market.

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