Mt.Gox repayment registration deadline moved to March 2023

Mt. Gox creditors will have more time to decide which repayment method they want to pay and register their beneficiary information on the defunct cryptocurrency exchange.

In a statement dated January 6, Mt. Gox Trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi said: said As for the reason for the change of deadline, the deadline for repayment examination, which was announced on January 10, was brought forward to March 10, citing “progress in examination and registration by rehabilitation creditors.”

The announcement also urged creditors to complete the necessary formalities by the new deadline. The update states that rehabilitation creditors who have not completed selection and registration within the new deadline will not be able to receive repayment or, in some cases, will have to bring documents to the exchange’s head office to receive repayment in Japanese Yen. It is written that there is a possibility that it may be necessary.

“After March 10, 2023 (Japan time), the rehabilitation trustee will start confirming your selection and registration details from this point onwards, in order to make prompt repayments.”

This update also clarifies that those who have already completed the process do not need to do it again. In addition, in order to make the confirmation process smoother, we ask that those who have already completed the procedure refrain from correcting the registration details.

Along with the change in selection and registration, the trustee, with the permission of the court, brought forward the due dates for the basic repayment, early lump sum repayment, and interim repayment. From July 31, 2023, the deadline has changed to his September 30, 2023.

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On August 29th, rumors circulated on social media that a large amount of Bitcoin (BTC) was leaked from Mt Gox. However, creditors of the defunct trading platform have dismissed the rumours, saying they are still unable to register where they can receive funds borrowed from Mt Gox.