Muse’s NFT Album to Become First No1 in UK Chart History

A few months ago, NFT enthusiasts were delighted when the UK’s official music charts began including NFT sales as part of their chart data. For the album chart, this marked a major turning point for his NFT acceptance.

Now, at another history-making event, of the muse The ‘Will of the People’ album is on track to reach No 1 status as the first UK album released by NFT.

will of the people

Released on August 26, 2022, the album, which had only 1,000 NFT units released worldwide, is now on pace to reach number one with its next chart release. NFTs cast in Serenade The NFT platform came with a downloadable version of the album, which contained signatures from all members of the band.

It’s the first time the entire band has provided an NFT release, but its frontman, Matt Bellamy Last year we released 3 songs as NFT.

Now that NFTs are in the charts, there is talk that NFTs will be the next big music release format.

Just as records, 8-tracks, cassette tapes, CDs, and even MiniDiscs, DCCs and DATs have been welcomed to the charts, so are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).said Martin Talbot, Chief Executive Officer. official chart company.

Hopefully, the next few years will see even more NFT-backed chart toppers.

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