Nearly 1 Billion DOGE Transferred After Elon Musk Resumed Buying Twitter

Yuri Molchan

In the last two days, someone transferred almost 1 billion Dogecoin and 2 trillion Shiba Inu

As reported by whale alerta service that tracks massive cryptocurrency transfers on various chains, sent a staggering amount of the meme coin DOGE on its blockchain just over two hours ago.

This was close to 500 million memecoins. The day before, an even larger amount of DOGE was shifted. Combined, this makes him nearly 1 billion DOGE in two days.

386 million DOGE sent in anonymous wallets

A total of 386,082,773 Dogecoins were transferred between two anonymous wallets, as discovered by Whale Alert. This amount of meme coins is valued at $25,187,368.

In the past two days, this is the second transaction of that size notified by the aforementioned crypto-tracking service.


October 5th, 449,999,998 Doge was shifted to about 836 million Dogecoins.

Also, according to the same source, on the same day, two chunks of SHIB (1 trillion memetic coins each) were detected. This 2 trillion Shiba Inu of his was transferred to the Coinbase exchange and apparently sold.

These massive meme coins were moved after Tesla boss Elon Musk decided to go back to closing a deal with Twitter.

In the comments on today’s DOGE transfer, some Twitter users jokingly reiterated that these Dogecoins are big DOGE fans and will integrate DOGE payments on the platform if they buy Twitter. We assumed whether it was sent by a ten billionaire.

Three things Musk is expected to integrate into Twitter

Yesterday, the Twitter account of a leading trading company group Crypto Land tweeted Expect Elon Musk to add/change to the social media giant as soon as he signs the deal.

These three things were adding an edit button, tracking fake accounts (bots), and integrating cryptocurrency purchases. Musk has previously hinted that DOGE could be added as a payment option to his Twitter Blue subscription if he owns the platform.

Here’s Why Musk Still Wants to Own Twitter

According to Musk’s recent tweet, he intends: turn twitter to “All Apps” called “X”.

Acquiring Twitter is what drives the creation of X, the everything app.

In a previous interview, the billionaire explained that this is a spam-free app that allows users to have various discussions and content creators get a cut of the income.

He said that if you buy Twitter, you can convert it into this app or develop it from scratch.

This “everything app” becomes a kind of digital town square where important ideas are discussed and free speech is enhanced.

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