NEO price breaks out, posting 25 week high to $10.70

Strong performance sees NEO reach $10.73 for the first time since August 2022.

The chart below shows that since the beginning of the new year, NEO’s price performance has largely matched that of market leader Bitcoin.

A notable difference, however, is in the continuation of the NEO form. From February 2nd, BTC hit a new all-time high of $24,296, a 46% YTD gain at that point. However, NEO continues to operate as Bitcoin, and the broader market has lost momentum.

A 23% upside on February 9 broke the $9.18 resistance established in early November 2022, just before FTX collapsed.

The current daily wick top YTD gain is 75%. However, the early morning (GMT) outflow marks a long bottom core. Coupled with a firm refusal of $10.73, printed “Darth Maul” candles, aka High Wave Spinning Tops.

This suggests that the previous uptrend has reached an indecision point.

NEO daily chart
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NEO Global Development Program

February 7th, Neo announced a partnership withfind trumana Web3 game that brings a “first-person immersive style” story format.

The accompanying FTG token will enable governance rights and staking rewards, with plans to integrate AR/VR technology.

The creators of FindTruman hope that game creators and players get their fair share of the game ecosystem they contribute and develop. They see Web3 and blockchain as a path to realizing their ambitions.

“FindTruman, a crowd-sourced whodunnit-style game, was a hit at Neo’s 2022 Polaris Launchpad Hackathon, winning an award for excellence in competition.”

The game was incubating through NEO’s EcoBoost program, which provides $200 million in funding for small and medium-sized projects to develop and build on the NEO N3 blockchain.

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