NFT Project SHHAN in hot water

NFTs have attracted the attention of people all over the world, and collections with fans all over the world are not uncommon. But fans of the NFT project, Shanfired back at management for statements it called “discriminatory.”

SHHAN community drama

The controversy began when the collection’s creator, MIMIC SHHANS, began blocking comments written in Chinese on its social media pages. Naturally, this caused an uproar among users, and SHHANS posted a Chinese-language post on Twitter explaining the situation.

As he explained, he wanted users in the community to speak only English, but this request was not honored. Because we were trying to target the market, and we believed that it was essential to our success.

“When I spoke with the owners in North America, they said that comments on MIMIC’s Twitter page were mostly in Chinese, making it very difficult to get a feel for the culture of the MIMIC community,” he said. .

Unsurprisingly, the statement provoked even more backlash from community members who branded the statement as discriminatory. . Hopefully this line will be resolved in due course.

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