NFTs on the Brink of Explosive Growth in the Philippines

Please wait patiently. Rumor has it that he will have a massive NFT explosion in the next few years in the Philippines. Wei Zhou, former CFO binance and current CEO, We made an important prediction for the industry. He foretells that the Philippines is at the apex of major uptake of NFT projects and mainstream participation. We believe in pioneering solutions that empower those without and underprivileged.

According to the Manila Bulletin, “Online gaming in the Philippines is expected to continue to grow due to widespread adoption of affordable mobile devices and improved internet infrastructure.” Thankfully, NFT. The spread of the project is not limited to gaming NFTs.

What Contributes to NFT Growth in the Philippines?

Many aspects continue to contribute to the growth of NFTs in the Philippines, including:

  • Events like the Philippine Fintech Festival where Zhou emphasized the importance of cryptography education.
  • We are planning future collaborations with schools and universities to promote cryptographic education.

Earlier, back in February, a compiled list of NFT adoption ranked the Philippines as a leader.The country’s massive participation in digital games Axie Infinity Contributed to the top spot. His NFT projects and participation continue to grow in the Philippines, despite a slowdown in gaming adoption towards the end of the year.

Ultimately, we hope that the growth of NFTs in the Philippines will lead the adoption of NFTs and spread them widely around the world.

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