Nym’s Shipyard builds cutting-edge privacy apps

Nym, an open-source, incentivized, decentralized network that protects the privacy of all apps, digital services, and wallets at the network level, enables developers to create, test, and access privacy-enhancing apps. We launched Nym Shipyard, a beta space that Fundraising, Coinjournal learned from the press release.

Platform for next-generation privacy infrastructure

Nym extends state-level privacy to ordinary users through Shipyard, which provides developers with the tools and resources to extend these protections as quickly as possible.

To make this happen, Shipyard has released a beta version of NymConnect, a one-click app that allows you to easily extend your regular app.

From Normal to Enhanced Privacy

NymConnect transforms regular apps into privacy-enhanced apps by sending encrypted communications through multiple node layers.

These layers hide and mix IPs and traffic patterns, even those originating from the app itself. You can use NymConnect out of the box to enhance the privacy of your Keybase and Electrum wallets.

First grant round distribution

With Shipyard’s current distribution of the first grant round for developers to integrate additional apps, Telegram will be the next privacy-enhancing app.

In the near future, ordinary people will be able to use Telegram with the peace of mind that no one can monitor their communication patterns.

Shipyard offers services to early adopters and testers of beta releases. NymConnect is still in the experimental stage, so he recommends not relying on it for maximum anonymity.

Up to $300 million in grants available

Nym’s Shipyard offers development grants to entities wishing to utilize the privacy infrastructure stack. In August, we plan to publish the specifications for a large grant application.

Successful projects can apply for more money from the recently launched Nym Innovation fund, up to $300 million.

Nym CSO Jaya Brekke said:

Nym Shipyard opens up the privacy-enhancing benefits of the Nym ecosystem to developers and early adopters of all kinds. Anyone looking to increase their privacy offerings can apply for a grant to build a product. I’m looking forward to seeing what great ideas come from users who leverage the power of Nym.

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