Open Banking Assists Charity Yet Again as UNICEF Norway Integrates Neonomics Payments

The holiday season is the most important time of the year for charities. But with cash use declining, charities should look for other ways to increase non-cash donations. without sacrificing convenience.

Nordic Open Banking Provider neonomics came with UNICEF Norway Facilitate non-cash donations through open banking.

This partnership aims to make it easier to donate during this holiday period. With Open Banking, donors pay directly from the bank. This eliminates the need to share sensitive data or card details, increasing the security of the process.

Open banking also reduces costs for nonprofits. This is because payments are cost-effective and require less fees than other payment methods.

Christopher Andvig, CEO and Founder of Neonomics

CEO and Founder of Neonomics, Christopher Andvigdescribes the goals of the partnership as follows: receive donations

“UNICEF has been committed to advancing causes that we strongly support, and we hope that our contributions will inspire others in our industry,” said Andvig. continue.

To maximize the reach of this campaign, Neonomics does not charge any transaction or processing fees.

Similarly, the company recently entered into a similar partnership with world line To support Open Banking payments across Europe.

Speaking of collaborations, Marianne mylar ChristiansenUNICEF Norge’s director of marketing and fundraising confirms the organization’s commitment to “protect disadvantaged children from war, poverty and violence.”

“Unfortunately, we have seen more this year with the war in Ukraine and its impact on children and families around the world,” continues Christiansen. “We are delighted that Neonomics supports our mission through their work.”

The benefits of open banking in the philanthropic context are a major focus. go card dress‘Latest Research. Open banking providers have identified how open banking technology not only makes the philanthropic process more transparent, but also creates more monetary value for recipients.

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