Orange Comet Strikes Partnership with Sir Anthony Hopkins

In the fantastic realm of NFT, comet orange Secured the talent of Hollywood legend Sir Anthony Hopkins. A formidable port He is a classically trained acting powerhouse forged in the shadows of the Talbot Ironworks, reinforced by his 60-plus years of combat on stage and screen.

Eternal Collection

Now that he is nurturing an equally impressive painting career, Sir Anthony transfers his amazing talents to the blockchain. As a result, we have embarked on an epic fusion of Hollywood, fine art and incredible utility all packaged into ‘The Eternal Collection’.

Through this breathtaking collaboration, Sir Anthony summoned the spirit of his greatest role to entertain the masses and crafted them into this new, irreplaceable realm. Unique digital collectibles for 10 Personalities of Anthony HopkinsAs a result, his inner Jester, Lover, Ruler, Rebel, Giver, Hero, Seeker, Creator, Magician, All “The Sage” deeply celebrates his acting legacy and his 17-year quest into the world of art.

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A legend is born from a single idea

Like the celestial bolts from the mighty Odin, heading toward the orange comet, 1,000 Legendary NFTs rain down on the blockchain, resulting in a vast array of completely unique collectibles based on an epic army of characters. increase. Each arrives with his drop of spectacular blinds, the design behind which is revealed shortly thereafter.

Those willing to participate have a 1% chance of receiving a signed animated NFT. A unique digital collection featuring his 1 of 10 character his archetypes, with its own premium his utility. As such, the owner will be offering a signed copy of his book featuring a treasure trove of artwork, poetry and music created by the enigmatic star and featuring his intimate online discussion with the terrifying Welshman via Zoom. Unlock the Dreamscapes book.

But don’t worry, the remaining 990 NFTs also come with their own awesome perks. As a result, 39 owners will receive a signed copy. dream bookfive unlocked access to the aforementioned Zoom discussion group with the actor, one accessed an intimate one-on-one online session, and 100 had a message from Sir Anthony Hopkins airdropped directly into their wallets. receive a personalized NFT.

downtown art

Sir Anthony Hopkins is proud to announce a partnership with Inner City Arts. In line with their mission to “engage young people in the creative process to form a society of creative, confident and supportive individuals”, he pledges to donate from the proceeds of the Eternal Collection. Did.

The Anthony Hopkins Eternal NFT Collection is coming to OpenSea soon, so get ready to join us!

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