Over 8% Bitcoin supply was bought between $15.5K and $17K

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UTXO Realized Price Distribution (URPD) is an indicator of the percentage of BTC supply at a given market price. Data analyzed by CryptoSlate shows that 8% of the Bitcoin supply was bought between $15,500 and $17,000.

The interpretation is determined by averaging the cost of acquiring bitcoin holdings. This allows analysts to arrive at the amount of holders facing either unrealized losses or unrealized gains. By deriving the unrealized loss, you can easily predict at what point a buyer in a particular price range is likely to continue selling or accumulating.

The 8% volume indicates a potential increase in redistribution, but Bitcoin consolidation is still high at that point, suggesting long-term holders dominate.

The chart below also shows a re-accumulation of coins around $15,500. This represents a key price point for the current Bitcoin market consolidation. At that point, demand was also high indicating investor confidence, giving BTC room to build support and induce a bullish breakout. there are a lot of.

bitcoin supply

The above chart data was used to determine long-term and short-term holders by employing a holding threshold of 155 days to identify short-term holders and evaluating the adjusted unspent realized price distribution. can also be used. refer to the following:

bitcoin supply

The transfer of ownership from long-term holders to short-term holders occurs around $20,000, indicating that long-term holders have surrendered at that point. Investor confidence is high around that, as most holders of supply are long-term holders who are already profitable and therefore in no rush to sell their holdings.

On the other hand, the $30,000 to $55,000 range shows high demand from long-term and short-term investors who have been caught off guard by the market crash and are currently suffering losses. or break-even even in the worst market conditions.

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