PayPal and Bold Commerce Bring Headless Checkout to Retailers

payment and commerce platform PayPal and e-commerce technology companies daring business partnered to bring Bold’s headless checkout service to the PayPal commerce platform.

The collaboration between PayPal and Bold Commerce aims to combine payments and commerce as fintech companies enter the headless commerce market. The integration will allow retailers and brands to use Bold Commerce’s headless checkout suite with PayPal’s commerce platform to launch sales channels beyond his traditional website.

This new service allows retailers to accept a variety of payment options, including PayPal. VenmoPayPal Pay Later solutions, credit and debit cards, and more.

53% of shoppers were found to abandon checkout before completing a purchase. bold commerce researchE-commerce companies suggest that retailers understand the need to improve the checkout experience, but most retailers ignore this as it is costly and difficult to tackle. increase.

By integrating Bold Checkout with PayPal and over 430 million active PayPal accounts, this collaboration appears to bring “the largest global cross-merchant network effect to e-commerce.”

Retailers can drive increased revenue through increased checkout conversions and new shoppable touchpoints on their website. Retailers and brands can use payment and checkout solutions through Bold’s Checkout Experience Suite. This ensures that your bottom line increases without the expense and time required to re-platform.

The power of headless commerce
David Bruce, Global Head of PayPal Channel Partnerships

David BruceVP, Global Head of Channel Partnerships at PayPal, commented on the launch.

Bruce says:

“But that’s only part of the equation. Today’s retailers must also offer customized checkout experiences to drive increased conversions.

“It’s a powerful combination for plugging configurable checkout into any tech stack, and we’re excited to deepen our commerce capabilities with Bold Commerce.”

Yvan Boisjoli, PayPal Bold Commerce
Yvan Boisjoli, co-founder of Bold Commerce

Ivan BoijoliBold Commerce co-founder said:

“This new integration makes it easy to checkout anywhere, with any payment method, and we look forward to seeing PayPal move this move to headless commerce.”

Bold Commerce aims to power commerce by providing a customizable checkout experience. The company also offers a flexible alternative to the retailer’s native e-commerce platform checkout.Over 9,000 brands and retailers including Vera Bradley, Staples Canada, pepsi When Marsis now using Bold Commerce’s services to customize the checkout experience and reduce the number of customer abandonments.

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