Play-and-Earn football prediction app Pooky launches its Genesis NFT collection

  • Pooky has announced the launch of its first NFT collection.

  • Pookyball NFTs allow players to guess the outcome of soccer matches to earn crypto-based rewards.

  • Players can earn MATIC and POK cryptocurrencies for making accurate predictions.

Pookyball NFT Collection is now available

Pooky, the gamified Web3 football prediction platform, has announced the launch of the Genesis Collection Pookyball NFT. NFTs are for early access to gamified, risk-free alternatives to wagering.

This latest cryptocurrency news comes after Pooky’s public beta launch in November 2022. According to the project, the Pookyball NFT will allow players to earn crypto-based rewards by guessing on the outcome of football matches in Europe’s largest football league.

The development team believes the platform will transform sports betting with its own NFT-based prediction game, delivering the same thrills while eliminating the financial risks associated with traditional gambling modes.

Players on the platform can earn MATIC and POK coins for predicting game outcomes, goals and accurate scores. MATIC is the native token of the Polygon ecosystem. At the time of writing, Polygon is priced at $1.481, down 3% in the last 24 hours.

The 1,000 Genesis Collection NFTs were designed by 3D studio Serial Cut, which has worked with major sports brands such as Nike, Spotify and RedBull.

Pookyball NFT issuance will begin on February 28

Pooky said the NFT issuance will begin on February 28th. Additionally, there are different levels of rarity, with his NFT being the rarest having higher attributes to boost the player’s prediction strategy.

Following the launch of the Genesis NFT, Pooky will allow regular minting of regular Pookyball NFTs starting in March. This gives more players the opportunity to participate in Pookie’s prediction game.

The project’s prediction game will initially support football before expanding to other sports such as tennis, basketball and Formula 1.

In the first phase, Pooky will leverage POK tokens to test in-game mechanics. However, it will transition to his natively tradable TPK token by the end of the year.

TPK is an ERC-20 utility token used for in-game expenses and rewards. Pooky believes the TPK token has created a sustainable economy, as simply playing does not award tokens.

Rather, gamers need to demonstrate their forecasting and strategy skills to the top of the leaderboard rankings to maximize rewards.

Additionally, Pooky consumes a portion of fees generated within the ecosystem as players use tokens for upgrades to increase their earning potential.

Finally, the team noted that Pooky is built on a “play to earn” model that focuses primarily on gameplay and entertainment, rather than just on the revenue side.

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