Polygon completes hard fork upgrade to minimize gas fee spikes, chain reorgs

Polygon announced the completion of its proof-of-stake hard fork upgrade on January 17th to reduce gas spikes and chain reorgs.

Source: Polygon Twitter

The two proposals included in the hard fork were Submitted last DecemberApproximately 87% of the Polygon validator team voted for approval.

The hard fork proposal aims to reduce the gas spikes by reducing the BaseFeeChangeDenominator from 8 to 16. Statement of January 12Gas prices will continue to increase during peak demand, but will be aligned with the dynamics of gas on Ethereum.

In addition, the second proposal avoids frequent chain reorganizations because it takes less time to finalize data blocks. Reorganizations frequently occur when validator nodes receive information to create a temporary version of the blockchain.

Last year, Polygon experienced significant growth and adoption with multiple collaborations and a record number of transactions. When pressed, Polygon’s matic is trading at $1.013, up from $0.8473 a week ago.

The chain reorganization first appeared on CryptoSlate after Polygon completed a hard fork upgrade to minimize spikes in gas prices.

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