Polygon launches new Etheum-compatible scaling solution zkEVM

Polygon has announced a unique Ethereum compatible scaling solution called zkEVM.

Based on zero-knowledge proofs, zkEVM enables developers to seamlessly deploy Ethereum smart contracts that scale infinitely and significantly reduce costs.

“It’s the same as using Ethereum, but with ZKtech’s groundbreaking scaling capabilities,” Polygon said in a statement.

Zero-knowledge scaling coming to polygons

According to polygons publication, Ethereum scaling solutions have been working for quite some time. The company quickly determined that zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs were the most promising path to achieve seamless scaling.

Polygon calls that zkEVM the “future of Ethereum scaling.” Like other zk-based scaling solutions, zkEVM is a Layer 2 protocol that rolls up large batches of transactions and “proves” all transactions to Ethereum using a single ZK validity proof. To do.

Diagram showing the architecture of zkEVM (Source: Polygon)

zkEVM addresses some of the biggest scaling issues for solutions like these experiences. The biggest issues are long certification times and EVM compatibility.

Polygon’s ZK team has reportedly made significant performance advances and significantly improved proof generation times. It also introduces true EVM compatibility.

“Like Ethereum, you can build with polygon zkEVM. You can deploy Ethereum smart contracts. All tools that work with Ethereum work with polygon zkEVM. What you can do with Ethereum at a lower cost and faster. Do anything and have it validated on the Ethereum network via ZK validation. Ethereum, but with ZK scalability. “

Polygon has built zkEVM as an unauthorized open source solution. The code for zkEVM is public and can be used by anyone.

The platform said the zkEVM testnet will be “upcoming”, but did not provide details on potential launch dates.

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