Porsche NFTs floor price surges 180%

According to Coingecko data, the Porsche NFT collection surged 180% to 2.465 Ethereum (ETH) (around $4000) in the last 24 hours.

The luxury car company was forced to suspend new NFT mints on January 25 after facing backlash from the cryptocurrency community over NFT’s high mint prices and supply.

lowest price jump

The lowest prices on collections have more than doubled in the last 24 hours on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea. According to OpenSea, during this period NFTs traded at his peak of 3.33 ETH before dropping to his current level of 2.465 ETH. data.

Furthermore, according to Coingecko, the collection’s sales volume increased to 1686 ETH ($2.7 million), while its market capitalization increased 247% to $9.4 million. data.

Porsche dazzles owners with new revelations

Porsche, meanwhile, revealed the spirit of the web3 on Twitter on January 25th. thread.

The iconic automaker said its NFT owners will enjoy certain benefits, including internal access to Porsche’s designers, engineers and event team. also play a role.

Additionally, the car company said it would create a physical version of the best-designed virtual Porsche NFT after a community vote.

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