Potatoz See Massive Surge Ahead of Captainz Arrival

Chaos dominated the mood for 2022, but the Potatoz NFT collection defied possibility by quietly gaining momentum in the background. But now, Potatoz is seeing sales skyrocket before the arrival of 9Gag’s second NFT drop, “The Captainz.” Memeland project.

How Potatoz climbed to the top

Potatoz is famous for being a utility-ready project that displays pixelated potatoes in various themes and settings. Keeping the NFT from your collection gave you the chance to forge a Captainz NFT.

The Captainz Mint on January 4th represents an exciting new chapter for the Memeland project. Basically, a Memelist, Potatoz, or Waitlist member can buy a Captainz NFT at the price of 1.069 ETH for a limited time of 48 hours. These assets offer specific perks, including access to exclusive events. This may have contributed to the high demand, especially given the recent success of Potatoz.

High-starch NFT projects saw a 136% increase in trading volume across several markets, including OpenSea and Rarible. Impressively, it outperformed Bored Ape Club by over 25% and managed to set an impressive new lowest price of 2.38 ETH ($2,900).

The year is still early, but it could bode well for Potatoz and the industry as a whole. For Potatoz, it could mean a recovery from an initial lukewarm market response and a chance to find a new audience. For the industry, it could represent the melting of the cryptocurrency winter ice.

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