Prometheum partners with Anchorage Digital on SEC-registered alternative trading system

Prometheum Ember ATS announced the launch of its Alternative Trading System (ATS) on October 26th. The new ATS is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Prometheum Ember ATS provides trading, clearing, settlement and custody of digital asset securities. The new ATS has partnered with Anchorage Digital Bank to help deliver a service intended to “integrate seamlessly with traditional securities trading systems.”

ATS has promised to “enable institutions to trade digital asset securities under the federal securities laws.” Initially, it will support the digital assets Flow, Filecoin, The Graph, Compound, and Celo.Aaron Kaplan, founder and CEO of Prometheum Said in the statement:

“Prometheum sets itself apart by maintaining its ability to maintain sustainable compliance under current securities laws and ensuring the multiple layers of protection and standards required on Wall Street. “

Prometheum Ember ATS said in a statement that the full functionality of the system will be available to all users “regardless of trading activity, volume, experience or account size.”

The SEC approval of the Prometheum Ember ATS, which announced its intention to undergo registration in March 2021, has come a long way.

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Prometheum Ember ATS is one of the partnerships Anchorage Digital Bank has established to advance its business. In June, Anchorage Digital announced it would work with Binance.US, CoinList,, Strix Leviathan and Wintermute to separate institutional client funds from exchanges into regulated vaults. Anchorage Digital CEO Diogo Mónica recently told Cointelegraph that the bank is preparing to enter the Asian market. Monica has also called for greater clarity on U.S. regulations.