Proof Unveils Artists Behind Grails III NFT Collection

Popular NFT group, evidencehas finally revealed the name of the artist behind the Grails III NFT collection. The revelation happened last Friday, reassuring many fans of the project who have been waiting for weeks to find out who is behind their favorite digital art.

The Grails III collection included works by well-known digital creators. The roster reads like who is who within the NFT space, and among these individuals is his Matt Kane, a generative artist. Josie Bellini, founder of the Cyber ​​Brokers NFT collection. And her lead artist, All Seeing Seneca, who brought her NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club to life. In all he has 20 artists, each offering a unique piece of art. This piece is part of his Grails III NFT collection and is available in limited quantities.

On January 17th, Grails III unveiled the Mint Pass for collectors around the world to get their hands on their favorite artwork. Various individuals were able to purchase his desired NFTs until the mint period ended on January 24th. At the time of writing, this collection has managed to sell around 199 ETH. This equates to approximately $315,000. The minimum price for each piece is 2 ETH, or $3,168.

Why did Proof hide the identity of the artist behind the Grails III NFT collection?

The Proof through Grails project is known for inviting renowned artists to create impressive collections. That said, it’s customary to withhold the name of the artist behind the project until the sale is complete. It is to allow collectors to interact with artworks without being bound by preconceptions based on them. This means that you can appreciate art as it is not because it is from a particular artist.

As the name suggests, this is the third iteration of the Mystery NFT collection. The first time was in February last year, and the second time was in August.

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