Red-Hot Ethereum (ETH) Scaling Altcoin Launches New Airdrop Phase, Plans To Distribute 11,700,000 Tokens

The hot Ethereum (ETH) scaling altcoin kicked off the long-awaited second phase of its airdrop early Friday morning.

The Optimism (OP) protocol is a layer 2 (L2) scaling tool for the Ethereum blockchain. schedule A total of 11.7 million OP tokens will be distributed to eligible users.

optimism first announced In an airdrop earlier this month, eligible recipients included addresses that delegated voting rights for OP tokens and addresses that spent $6.10 or more on L2 gas after March 25, 2022. be careful. The project notes that $6.10 is the average cost of a transaction. On Ethereum Layer 1.

In May 2022, Optimism launched its first airdrop, distributing over 200 million OP tokens to 250,000 users. The first airdrop represents 5% of the initial token supply and the second ongoing airdrop represents approximately 0.27% of the initial supply. Optimism has pledged to airdrop his 19% of the total initial token supply to community members.

OP is trading at $2.86 at the time of writing. The 78th-ranked crypto asset by market capitalization is down more than 4.5% over the past 24 hours, but is up more than 210% since early 2023, when it was trading around $0.92.

Base, a newly announced Layer 2 scaling solution developed in collaboration with top US crypto exchange Coinbase, will be built on top of Optimism, the project Wednesday. prices soared.

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