Riddle&Code ignites the fourth industrial revolution by easily onboarding any machine onto Web3

Vienna, Austria, Nov 02, 2022, Chainwire

Riddle & CodeOne of Austria’s fastest growing start-ups has established a new path of digitalization for industrial companies with its evolving purpose. Onboarding to Web3 in your industryFor many industrial companies, moving to new standards and finding their way in the world of Web3 has been difficult, and they are often slow to enter new potential business models. This new technology from Riddle&Code enables the tokenization of industrial machines, the creation of new crowdfunding opportunities and the provision of trusted data.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the company has now launched a program to help companies and pioneering developers take advantage of their own innovations.called HW-03 Enterprise When HW-03 CommunityRiddle&Code, focuses on the adoption of hardware wallets that not only accelerate Web3 knowledge, but also create new business opportunities for a sustainable future.

Not all blockchains are suitable

Since its establishment in 2016, Riddle&Code has developed blockchain solutions for various industrial sectors, mainly energy production and electric vehicle manufacturing. Working with companies such as Wien Energie, Deutsche Telekom and Daimler Mobility, the team at Riddle&Code recognizes that not all blockchains have the capabilities necessary to meet the specific needs of each industry. I’m here. To push clients into the 4th Industrial Age, Riddle & Code enabled the launch of his RDDL network. The RDDL network is a blockchain-based protocol tailored for security, scalability and decentralization in the energy system sector. The HW-03 program is RDDL networkrequires a physical connection via a hardware wallet.

“Our long experience in the field of cryptography on special hardware led us to find suitable solutions for the industrial sector. RDDL network white paper.

The RDDL network utilizes its own consensus mechanism. “Proof of Productivity”This prevents machine tampering and enables a new kind of trust and traceability of generated machine data. With a cryptographic hardware wallet attached to a machine, it turns the machine into a decentralized identifier on the network, an industrial machine NFT. Thus the machine itself becomes part of the network. Over the next few years, Riddle & Code expects over 50 million of his machines to act as nodes in his RDDL network, powering the energy sector of the future.

About Riddle & Code

Riddle & Code is a product-driven services company that specializes in the onboarding industry to Web3. The company is a major driving force in the interconnected token economy world by enabling a sustainable, green and resilient machine industry. Riddle & Code offers a variety of solutions for coordinating industry-specific hardware wallets and Software-as-a-Service products to build on decentralized blockchains, primarily to his RDDL network blockchain protocol. Contributing.

For more information: www.riddleandcode.com / www.rddl.io

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