Roots In Ego Spends a Year in the Voxels Metaverse

movie masterpiece, rooted in egoin the last 12 months, voxel Your own dedicated mini cinema territory. Kristina Weiserova’s short drama and comedy films have been on the Metaverse for the past year and are still receiving rave reviews.

It tells the story of Natalie, a young woman trying to make sense of her life. As is often the case with young adults, it involves many poor decisions, including her choice of partners, excessive partying, and involvement in other evil deeds. Ultimately, she ends up hooking up with the wrong person for her, ultimately leading to her downfall.

Unlike traditional films, Christina chose to present her work in voxel space. In this space, visitors use their cursor to step into the cinema. The setting is similar to what you would expect in a movie theater, with paintings on the walls and a seating area. By operating the cursor, you can move around as you like, creating a highly immersive experience. Thanks to Voxels, users can own virtual land, build on it, and in this case launch their own movies.

What the success of the crypto voxel movie Root In Ego means for the film industry

The film’s success offers a glimpse into the future of independent filmmakers. Thanks to Film3, independent filmmakers and artists can use NFTs to fund their projects and launch them in the metaverse.

NFT funding movies is a growing trend that is proving to be very popular. These days, companies like Kevin Smith and Spike Lee are using irreplaceable funds to fund their films and drive engagement. And independent director Miguel Faus saw his NFT-funded film, Calladita, garner top acclaim.

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