RTFKT and Nike Unveil the Future of Urban Footwear

Pioneer of high-tech NFT fashion, RTFKTgave fans a sneak peek at the latest CryptoKicks line. Nikeushers in a new era of ultra-versatile, cutting-edge footwear.

According to RTFKT co-founders Chris Le and Steven Vasilev, the latest Cryptokicks is packed with amazing features. Including physical features such as on-board lighting, self-lacing technology and haptic feedback. The new footwear also has a range of smart features that can be controlled and accessed via the partner’s smartphone application. All complemented by his RTFKT’s now trademark NFT infrastructure tied to WM chip technology.

But the incredible new sneaker is more than just a novelty item for avid footwear fans. RTFKT called NikeWith expert sneaker research and development, we offer the most comfortable shoes ever, with a striking modern design worthy of today’s urban fashion. As fans continue to work through a dizzying array of strong specs, RTFKT has announced another bombshell.

They shared a great new video that pays homage to Back to the Future 2’s futuristic sneakers. All accompanied by interesting retweets and messages from Dr. Emmett Brown himself. Christopher Lloyd.

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