Samsung and LG unveil Latest Web3 Updates

2022 saw the rise of NFT support within the smart TV industry, with both LG and Samsung leading the market. Now, heading into another year of his life, the pair of innovators have doubled down on their tech with a series of significant updates.

First, an NFT marketplace and streaming service powered by Polygon, savagery, has partnered with tech giant Samsung.Through new alliances, the powerful pair Provide your audience with high-quality video and photos from Web3. Going forward, the Savage platform will allow Samsung to view and trade a wide range of assets listed on his carbon-neutral NFT Marketplace, opening up the technology to his Samsung smart TV owners around the world.

More innovation from Team LG

While Samsung has focused on its own projects, LG has made significant strides of its own. At his CES 2023 event on January 4, 2023, the company announced his partnership with Oorbit. This will make it possible to project an interoperable metaverse on TV. Oorbit has reportedly been working on this technology for years, and LG will be the first to test it.

That’s not all. LG Art Lab has partnered with Blade Labs to allow users to purchase his NFTs from smart TVs using Blade Wallet. In addition to this ease of purchase, LG and Blade Labs have also agreed on a royalty system for all artwork traded.

With the rapid development of Web3 technology in the smart TV market, NFTs and metaverses could soon become mainstream staples in living rooms everywhere.

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