Santander and US Fintech SigFig Bring Automated Investment to Customers

Banco Santander NA Partnering with a San Francisco-based Fintech Sigfig Integrate digital tools to modernize your client’s investment experience.

SigFig partnership enables Santander Investment Services to build new automated investment management tools Santander PathfinderThe “Digital Advice” tool is intended to help Santander customers work toward their long-term financial goals and save for retirement.

“Robo Advisor” Pathfinder Review client portfolio performance daily and readjust if necessary. It aims to serve everyone, regardless of “where they are on their financial journey”. Advertise a well-balanced exchange-traded fund portfolio.

Customers need a minimum of $2,000 to get the tools in North America
To get started, you need to pay an annual advisory fee of 0.5%.

In 2023, Santander Investment Services and SigFig are also working to further streamline the financial advisory experience they can offer. Plans to do this include providing clients with a fully integrated platform for viewing their investments and portfolios, as well as providing more convenient access to financial advisors.

Modernizing Santander to ‘improve the customer experience’
Jeff Weiner, president and chief executive officer of Santander Investment Services, said:

Jeff WeinerSantander Investment Services President and Chief Executive Officer, said:

“We have relied on Santander Investments Services personal approach to providing financial planning and advice, while refining the way we serve them by focusing on digital and automated capabilities. We are rethinking. Our relationship with SigFig advances our modernization plan to expand our digital capabilities and improve the customer experience.”

Michael ShaCo-Founder and CEO of SigFig, said: We are proud of our partnership with Santander and look forward to providing industry-leading digital experiences for Santander’s clients. ”

Since its inception in 2007, SigFig has developed products for financial institutions, advisors and clients. Fintech aims to create solutions that bring financial services companies closer to their customers by providing appropriate advice and solutions.

The company boasts numerous partnerships with prominent financial institutions, including: wells fargo, UBSMoreand Citizens FinancialThanks to these partnerships, SigFig’s wealth management tools are now available to over 70 million customers. The company emphasized that millions of households now have access to personalized investment advice.

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