Saylor gives away BTC via lightning network

Bitcoin maximalist Michael Thaler used the Lightning Network to send 3 million sats (0.03 BTC) to the three winners of the Lightning Meme Contest.

Cryptography researcher Eric Wall Twitter pool Asks if Michael Saylor has completed at least three Lightning transactions.

A vociferous supporter of the Lightning Network, Thaler said yes to Poole and offered to send Bitcoin sats to the winner of the Lightning Meme Contest.

In the contest, which ended on October 5th, @ShireHODL.@NEEDcreations& @publordhodl emerge as the winner. Thaler sent his 1 million sats (around $203) to each winner via the Lightning Network.

@ShireHODL He said he wants to digitize the meme experience and turn statistics into digital collections.

lightning network sailor

Since leading MicroStrategy to buy its first bitcoin on August 11, 2020, Thaler has been bullish on the infrastructure that has proven to help Bitcoin become widely adopted.

Thaler said the Bitcoin Lightning Network is the most important development being made today as it has the potential to extend Bitcoin to billions of customers worldwide while leveraging the well-established security of the Bitcoin layer. It claims to be technology.

Saylor’s MicroStrategy is committed to developing a Lightning Network-based platform that provides Lightning Wallet, Enterprise Server, and Enterprise Authentication.

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