SBF to hire tech expert to consult on trial after breaching bail conditions – private citizens urge arrest

Sam Bankman-Fried’s attorneys said on February 21 that the defense had agreed to the court’s request to hire an independent technical expert to discuss bail terms and is now searching for a suitable candidate. Court submission.

The move comes after the FTX founder used an encrypted messaging app and a VPN to violate his bail terms in January and February. Prosecutors filed a written complaint on the matter, but the defense argued that her VPN use was harmless.

The court asked the defense why SBF should be released into the “electronics garden” and requested that the defense hire an independent technical expert to consult on the matter.

The defense has agreed that SBF will not access encrypted applications or services for the time being.

Civilian asks judge to revoke bail

Meanwhile, multiple civilians wrote to Judge Louis A. Kaplan asking not to allow SBF to be arrested and await trial at his parents’ home.

Citizens asked Kaplan to reconsider and reverse his decision to grant bail to the SBF.

Thomas Morrissey, a detective from New Haven. I have written The court’s treatment of SBF, in his experience, is very different from other arrestees facing similar charges. claimed. Morrissey added that it “doesn’t deserve the court’s sympathy” based on the amount of evidence and billions of SBF stolen.

another citizen I have written She does not understand why SBF is on bail and how the court can be sure that he has not deleted his correspondence via an encrypted service. Worried, the court argued that his prison should be canceled. She wrote:

“Jail him. Money speaks.”

Post-SBF – Civilian Calls for Arrest – Hiring Tech Experts to Counsel at Court After Bail Conditions Breached – First Appeared on CryptoSlate.

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